Monday, March 8, 2010

Ian to Glenn (Since Christmas)

Hhhhhhhhokay soo...heres the news...that is sweet news you might say ShWeEt...I have a new recorder so I shal be sending a cd out pretty soon with recordings....Elder Green and I are doing really well...we went tracting the other day and placed to copies of the book of mormon...we have a baptism coming up...and we think well set one or 2 more this week.Our member brother Hadfield has a studio in his basement and he invited us over the other night to visit his house while he had to rapers recording a mix tape...he wanted them to be introduced to some missionaries because he thinks they see the missionaries walking around the city of denver a lot. So we got to listen to some rap haha...

I sent you some mail today.....yeah REAL mail...weird!So this week went really well...we went on exchanges from the week went by WAY quick!On Thursday I was with Elder De La Cruz...they have a part member family in their ward and the member has a wife who is really sick...I shared some scriptures (Gen3:17-Acts14:22-2Cor12:8-10 and then finaly Cor10:13) I felt the spirit really strongly while I was reading and explaining and the guy cried a little....On Friday night we went over to the Parez famiy's house...he just recieved the Melichizideck priesthood a little while ago and they're getting ready to go to the temple....we love spending time with them...before the lesson we each crammed ourselves into the little fisher-price push cars....oh my goodness I haven't laughed that hard in a while...we have pictures.

Yeah Saints...Finally! So this week was great...we played a prank on the ZLs...we had district meeting thursday at their house and then before we were done they had to once they were done we went into their room and uhhh rearranged their room...we put their beds together and made it look like one big bed...and in lue of feb 14th we put chocolates on the big bed in the shape of a heart...the blanket ontop was pink too HAHAHA....So that night they called us and told us that they thought it was funny........but their member didn't..they said their member had gone down into the room and saw what we did...they siad he had called President Ely and told him that he felt like we had broken his trust...They told us that President Ely had called them and was going to have to ET one of us out of the District but he was gonna have to pray about it...then while they were one the phone with us they said that he was calling them back and that we would talk in a bit.....5 minutes later they call back and tell Elder Green who is the current DL that he was getting transfered up to Laramie (outter darkness) with one of the companions that he had already had and that someone else was getting sent down with me....They played it off for a good 5 minutes untill they finally told us the whole thing was a joke and their member had never even seen the prank we played on them....They got us SOOOOOO BAD!... We taught a new investigator yesterday with one of the stake presidency their in one of the bishops offices before church...he said that he would be baptized...but we couldn't set a date because he has to work a few things out...but he stayed for all 3 hours of church and we're meeting with him again thursday...we also taught a family yesterday who we street contancted the plan of salvation with a member present and the family told us that they like having us over.... We have a bunch of progress happening in this area...lots of things are going well...LOVE YOU

We developed a new investigator this week who we street contacted last week.. we gave hime a book of mormon and he said that we could come one week later we come back and teach him the restoration...he was very attentive and participated. He told us that our message was really cool and agreed to be baptized if he found out that it was true. He's coming to the church on thursday night for a tour and a lesson. We had to give him a new BOM because his girlfriend took his to her work to read at lunch break...bummer right haha! We have 4 solid new investigators...2 are a couple that we taught the 3rd lesson yesterday...they told us that they really enjoy having us in their home and he said that 2 weeks before we showed up he was praying to find a new church...They Lord Prepares him.I found ECCOs for $4!!!!! they're almost brand new! How's it going?Love you!

We had 5 investigators come to church!!!!!!!!! It was a family! They're the ones I was talking about before...We bore our testimonies to them in the lesson we had after church and they said the lesson was Powerful...he said hed be baptized when I prays and finds that it is true. Much love from Elder Mak.

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