Saturday, February 28, 2009


The Missionary Training Center is pretty amazing. I keep thinking that I wouldn't be able to learn or teach this way in any other location. My ward/branch is really cool. I love the elders and sisters here. But I need to learn how to deal with some personalities. I do like them a lot, though. We've now taught the 1st and 2nd lessons. I love teaching with my companion Elder Green. He has a very strong testimony and when we teach together it flows nicely. Listening is KEY. You can easily lose track of time here. You learn so much and it sometimes seems slow, but then when you look back you wonder where the week went. I love being here, but I can't wait to be out in the mission field. I ran into Elder Tidd. We went to Sunday School together back in the Wolfeboro Branch when we were working at William Lawrence Camp. He's in the classroom next to mine! Weird, huh? Elder M.Russell Ballard spoke at Devotional. It was amazing!!!!! So powerful. Ask me about it when I get back!!! Everything is going well. I'm seeing things clearer and clearer. I can't wait to learn more as time goes on. Please send me a pair of jeans for P Day and service. PLEASE TELL ME WHEN MY NEPHEW IS BORN! I love you all very much and I am preaying for you. Love,Elder MakechnieP.S. thank you for all the letters!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Our District is really cool! I really feel like I've known them forever. Elder Jensen is our District Leader. He has a quiet humor, but he manages a leadership persona. His companion actually left the first day because of an anxiety attack, so Elder Jensen is now in a threesome companionship with Elders Artiburn and Barber, both of whom are pretty quiet but have strong testimonies. We also have two sister missionaries in the District, Sisters Long and Wilson. There are now seven of us. 
   We just went to the temple this morning. It was a cool experience just being in the Provo Temple, doing work for the dead, but also cool to see my District companions in temple clothing. 
   I know that if I hadn't been set apart to be a missionary, and if I weren't in the Missionary Training Center, I would not be able to teach. But my companion and I teach so well together it surprises me. Our lessons go smoothly, especially for having been out only two weeks. 
It also surprises me and the others in the District, how incredibly fast time seems to go. Now, the first few days did seem lengthy, I admit. But since this past Sunday time seems to be speeding up. 
   I have found that looking up and then incorporating scriptures into lessons has been quite fun. We are learning how to teach INDIVIDUALS, and meet their specific needs. 
   I love you and miss you all. I know that YOU know that what I am doing is right.
Please tell me when my little nephew is born.
Elder Makechnie

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Elder Makechnie's first letter home.

Mom has received and email...

The MTC is great!!! My companions name is Elder Green. He's real cool...he's from North Carolina and  he's got a killer accent! My District is also amazing. I feel like I've known  these Elders and Sisters for SOOOOOOOO long! The food is okay (not like home  food). Sleep has not been a problem. I usually get to sleep on time and we usually get  up around 6:15-6:30. We're all tired...but we manage. By the way I highly recommend the movie Mountain of The Lord. I challenge you to  watch that movie, and if you don't feel abslolutely amazing afterwards I'll be  surprised. My companion and I have taught the first lesson 3 times so far. One of the times  was with mock investigators and it went really well. Elder Green was the one who  recited the first vision and when he did the Spirit was SOOOO strong. One of the  mock sister invesigaters was welling up. We actually think that one of them was  a real investigator, maybe, maybe not. Real men (Elders) cry. As much as I get embaressed when I do, I have found  myself in tears on many occasion. Also, I know that I don't need to be nervous  when my companion and I teach. This is not my work it is the Lords! If we are  teaching with the Spirit He WILL take care of the rest.

Elder Makechnie has been spotted!

These are the first images from the MTC compliments of Lance via Brendaen and Mom.  He is looking good!
Gotta have on of these...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Ian is on a mission.

Hello one and all!

We have created this Blog for Elder Ian George Makechnie.  He reported to the Provo MTC on the 11th of February, 2009, and will be serving his two year, full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Denver North Mission.

Elder Makechnie is a kind, loving, intensely loyal, fun, easy-going individual who will be able to use his talents in the Lords service to help many people.  We are proud of his decision to serve.

This forum will be used for his family members to post letters, e-mails, pictures and other artifacts of Elder Makechnie's life and church missionary service.  Any family member who wishes will be granted administrative privileges to this site.  Friends are welcome to comment on posts, or to submit any letters they may receive from Elder Makechnie to one of his family members to post here.

This Blog will be professionally printed and bound for Elder Makechnie as a gift upon completion of his missionary service.

Elder Makechnie; return with honor, and we love you.