Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Our District is really cool! I really feel like I've known them forever. Elder Jensen is our District Leader. He has a quiet humor, but he manages a leadership persona. His companion actually left the first day because of an anxiety attack, so Elder Jensen is now in a threesome companionship with Elders Artiburn and Barber, both of whom are pretty quiet but have strong testimonies. We also have two sister missionaries in the District, Sisters Long and Wilson. There are now seven of us. 
   We just went to the temple this morning. It was a cool experience just being in the Provo Temple, doing work for the dead, but also cool to see my District companions in temple clothing. 
   I know that if I hadn't been set apart to be a missionary, and if I weren't in the Missionary Training Center, I would not be able to teach. But my companion and I teach so well together it surprises me. Our lessons go smoothly, especially for having been out only two weeks. 
It also surprises me and the others in the District, how incredibly fast time seems to go. Now, the first few days did seem lengthy, I admit. But since this past Sunday time seems to be speeding up. 
   I have found that looking up and then incorporating scriptures into lessons has been quite fun. We are learning how to teach INDIVIDUALS, and meet their specific needs. 
   I love you and miss you all. I know that YOU know that what I am doing is right.
Please tell me when my little nephew is born.
Elder Makechnie

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