Saturday, February 28, 2009


The Missionary Training Center is pretty amazing. I keep thinking that I wouldn't be able to learn or teach this way in any other location. My ward/branch is really cool. I love the elders and sisters here. But I need to learn how to deal with some personalities. I do like them a lot, though. We've now taught the 1st and 2nd lessons. I love teaching with my companion Elder Green. He has a very strong testimony and when we teach together it flows nicely. Listening is KEY. You can easily lose track of time here. You learn so much and it sometimes seems slow, but then when you look back you wonder where the week went. I love being here, but I can't wait to be out in the mission field. I ran into Elder Tidd. We went to Sunday School together back in the Wolfeboro Branch when we were working at William Lawrence Camp. He's in the classroom next to mine! Weird, huh? Elder M.Russell Ballard spoke at Devotional. It was amazing!!!!! So powerful. Ask me about it when I get back!!! Everything is going well. I'm seeing things clearer and clearer. I can't wait to learn more as time goes on. Please send me a pair of jeans for P Day and service. PLEASE TELL ME WHEN MY NEPHEW IS BORN! I love you all very much and I am preaying for you. Love,Elder MakechnieP.S. thank you for all the letters!

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  1. Does anyone know his email? I would like to send him some pics of Tate. If not, I will send them snail-mail to the mission address. He will be out of the MTC soon.