Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elder Makechnie Passes it On

A letter to the Amy, Gregor, Cope, Nelson, Brynne, and Paige Makechnie household.

Hello Makechnie Family!

It was great to hear your voices on Christmas day!  Thank you for talking with me!  I'm glad to have support from home!

So, I left Fort Collins late December and i just found out yesterday that one of the investigators that I connected with there got baptized and received the priesthood today (Sunday, 24, 2010).  I LOVE THAT!

Also today we set a 12 year old named Ely for baptism on the 27th February.  We have a baptism coming up on Friday for Noah Gamboa who is 10.  (Low hanging fruit).

So, anyways!  I'm with my MTC companion Elder Green...we could possibly hit our year mark together...that would be awesome.

Gregor...I haven't got a chance...but I just want to thank you for setting such a good example for me while I was growing up!  Thank you for baptizing me!  A lot of people don't get the chance to be baptized by a family member...let alone a brother.  So thank you for baptizing me and being there for me growing up.

So, how are the kids?  HI KIDS!  Are they being good in school and taking full advantage of living in NH?  I miss all the kids (it stinks not seeing you guys!)  How are things at home?  How are mom and dad?  I hear dad is tearin' it up at church!

Oh yes...silly me...AMY how are you?  What are you up to?  Thank you guys so much for setting an example in your marriage!

I hope all is well!

Love, Elder Makechnie.

Then, Elder Ian had a little note for Nelson, along with a spare missionary tag.  "Please give this to Nelson.  Tell him I'm proud of him...and that one day he'll wear one of these.  Future Elder Makechnie."

It just so happened that Nelson was giving a talk at church.  He wore the name tag and spoke about the special note from his uncle serving a mission.  The kids thought it was pretty neat.

"Wah-ah-ah-ah"  Nelson's maniacal laugh.  That might scare investigators.

Practicing the eye-brow raise.  That might scare them too.

Ah- but this look.  That's the one that will win 'em over!

Thank you Ian.  It was a special letter for us and a special surprise for Nelson.  Someday I hope he wears this tag just like you said:  the Future Elder Makechnie.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ian to Glenn (Since Christmas)

Hhhhhhhhokay soo...heres the news...that is sweet news you might say ShWeEt...I have a new recorder so I shal be sending a cd out pretty soon with recordings....Elder Green and I are doing really well...we went tracting the other day and placed to copies of the book of mormon...we have a baptism coming up...and we think well set one or 2 more this week.Our member brother Hadfield has a studio in his basement and he invited us over the other night to visit his house while he had to rapers recording a mix tape...he wanted them to be introduced to some missionaries because he thinks they see the missionaries walking around the city of denver a lot. So we got to listen to some rap haha...

I sent you some mail today.....yeah REAL mail...weird!So this week went really well...we went on exchanges from tuesday-thursday...so the week went by WAY quick!On Thursday I was with Elder De La Cruz...they have a part member family in their ward and the member has a wife who is really sick...I shared some scriptures (Gen3:17-Acts14:22-2Cor12:8-10 and then finaly Cor10:13) I felt the spirit really strongly while I was reading and explaining and the guy cried a little....On Friday night we went over to the Parez famiy's house...he just recieved the Melichizideck priesthood a little while ago and they're getting ready to go to the temple....we love spending time with them...before the lesson we each crammed ourselves into the little fisher-price push cars....oh my goodness I haven't laughed that hard in a while...we have pictures.

Yeah Saints...Finally! So this week was great...we played a prank on the ZLs...we had district meeting thursday at their house and then before we were done they had to leave...so once they were done we went into their room and uhhh rearranged their room...we put their beds together and made it look like one big bed...and in lue of feb 14th we put chocolates on the big bed in the shape of a heart...the blanket ontop was pink too HAHAHA....So that night they called us and told us that they thought it was funny........but their member didn't..they said their member had gone down into the room and saw what we did...they siad he had called President Ely and told him that he felt like we had broken his trust...They told us that President Ely had called them and was going to have to ET one of us out of the District but he was gonna have to pray about it...then while they were one the phone with us they said that he was calling them back and that we would talk in a bit.....5 minutes later they call back and tell Elder Green who is the current DL that he was getting transfered up to Laramie (outter darkness) with one of the companions that he had already had and that someone else was getting sent down with me....They played it off for a good 5 minutes untill they finally told us the whole thing was a joke and their member had never even seen the prank we played on them....They got us SOOOOOO BAD!... We taught a new investigator yesterday with one of the stake presidency their in one of the bishops offices before church...he said that he would be baptized...but we couldn't set a date because he has to work a few things out...but he stayed for all 3 hours of church and we're meeting with him again thursday...we also taught a family yesterday who we street contancted the plan of salvation with a member present and the family told us that they like having us over.... We have a bunch of progress happening in this area...lots of things are going well...LOVE YOU

We developed a new investigator this week who we street contacted last week.. we gave hime a book of mormon and he said that we could come back...so one week later we come back and teach him the restoration...he was very attentive and participated. He told us that our message was really cool and agreed to be baptized if he found out that it was true. He's coming to the church on thursday night for a tour and a lesson. We had to give him a new BOM because his girlfriend took his to her work to read at lunch break...bummer right haha! We have 4 solid new investigators...2 are a couple that we taught the 3rd lesson yesterday...they told us that they really enjoy having us in their home and he said that 2 weeks before we showed up he was praying to find a new church...They Lord Prepares him.I found ECCOs for $4!!!!! they're almost brand new! How's it going?Love you!

We had 5 investigators come to church!!!!!!!!! It was a family! They're the ones I was talking about before...We bore our testimonies to them in the lesson we had after church and they said the lesson was Powerful...he said hed be baptized when I prays and finds that it is true. Much love from Elder Mak.

Even More pics!

More Pics!



Mama and Papa!

How are you doing? I miss you.

I took care of my toe problem. We went to Salud Hospital and there was a doctor who is a member and he took real good care of me (I didn’t have to pay anything.) They had to draw blood though, and you know how much I don’t like that! There’s just something about seeing your own blood in a vial. Ahhhhh. I’m lucky I have good veins though, they never have to stick me twice.

Do you have a lot of snow? Dad, are you still doing your back exercises? Mom, is there still progress being made with the DVD situation? Are you still going to the temple on a regular basis?

Oh, Mom, thanks for that story you told me about the guy from Haiti in the temple… I’ve been telling it to a lot of people. This week went really well, we have four new investigators who are solid. We have one that we received as a referral from SLC Headquarters. He’s taken two lessons now, and come to Church once. He heard the Plan of Salvation lesson and said, “This is it.” He is also talking about either getting married or breaking up with the lady that he is living with because he wants to get baptized.

We have another investigator named Chris. We contacted him in his driveway and gave him A Book of Mormon. He told us to come back in a week. (And I actually could believe him when he said that. With some people they don’t really want you to come back, but he did, I felt.) So we went back this past Thursday and taught him the Restoration and it went REALLY WELL. He was very attentive, even though he had a baby in his arms, and he agreed with everything that we said, and answered questions very well. He said that when he found out that the message was true, he would be baptized. We’re gonna give him a Church tour and teach him the Plan of Salvation on Thursday. Oh…. And we had to give him another BOM because his girlfriend took the other one to read at work on lunch break! Ha! Ha!

Then we have a couple, the Peltiers. We street contacted them on Christmas Eve. We found out why we couldn’t get in for awhile. Then we taught them the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yesterday, It went really well. They were attentive as usual. After the lesson he told us once more that they like having us in their home because whenever we’re there, they feel comfort and they like the things we teach about. He told us that whenever he finds a church that he likes it is always good, but that he feels a void in them. He also said that he used to have mixed feelings about the “Mormon” church, but now, “I feel bad for not letting missionaries in before because now I know what you are all about. Now I know what you teach!” He went on to say that two weeks before we started teaching him he was praying to find a new church, so I guess that’s why we couldn’t get in before, he was not ready, but now he is. They are great people. Sister Taylor has been to two of their lessons so far. Sis Taylor reminds me a lot of Amy.

I just cut my own hair this morning. I must say it doesn’t look bad. I cut Elder Green’s hair, too, but that was easy because it is all one length. We saved about 10 bucks apiece, though.

Speaking of saving money, we went to the thrift store and I got nice new pants for a dollar and then I got a pair of Ecco shoes that look brand new for $4.00. Eccos are shoes that usually cost about $100.

Things are going really well in the Woodglen Ward! We love our members! Elder green and I just hit a year on Thursday, wow! And Elder L. Tom Perry will be here this Friday.

I, Ian, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father and mother; and following the example of my brothers, am serving a mission for the Lord!

That was terrible grammar, but I thought it was cool!
Elder Ian George Makechnie


Mother and Father!

So it’s official… Elder Green and I will be together for three Valentines Days in a row. (MTC, now and when we are released at the MTC) We’re both staying for at least one more transfer, which means we’ll hit our one-year mark of our entering the MTC together. I cannot believe it’s already 2010. Ahhhhhhhh!

The Zone Leaders scared the stink out of us! They played such a prank on us. We’re pretty tight with them, so I guess we had it coming. They called Elder Green up on Saturday night to tell him transfer info (because Elder Green is the District Leader,) and they told him that he was going up to Cheyenne with an Elder that he has already served with, and they didn’t get along very well. He almost barfed. And then they told me that Elder (xxx) was going to be my companion. They lead us on for about two minutes, too. Then they finally told us that we would both be STAYING!

Oh, Elder Green just had a birthday (20) and he got a BUNCH of stuff, including a new digital camera, so he gave me his old one! I finally have a camera. You’ll be getting some pictures on email.

All right, story time. So back in Aurora, in my second transfer, while I was with Elder Taylor, we were visiting a part member family and they had a visitor. She was way funny…. and she was a less active from another ward that I didn’t know. When we left I told Elder Taylor, “Man…. that lady was awesome!” Then I went up to Fort Collins two transfers later. I was there for three months. Now I am in the Woodglen Ward in the North Denver zone. Anyways, to make a long story short… that amazing lady is in this ward, and we are helping her to come back! I called her yesterday and we figured out that we had met before.

Brother Vigil just asked me if I would ordain him to the Aaronic Priesthood.

We got two new investigators on Saturday that we had met street contacting a month ago. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel and set an appointment for next Sunday.

Things are going very well with this area. The members like us a bunch. They LOVE elder Green.

(Yeah, and I love Elder Robinson. He’s my favorite AP EVER!)

Okay, so I put down my notebook for a bit to play some basketball, and Elder Robinson wrote the above, Ha! Ha! He actually IS a really good AP.

So Noah Gambosa (he was 10 years old, like me, when he was baptized) got baptized on Friday, and we set Eli for baptism the 27th. He’s another kid who is 12. His dad is coming back to activity. We’ve taught him the first two lessons.

Thank you for your email today. I shared with a bunch of Elders the fact that the church’s building in Haiti are still standing but the cathedrals collapsed.

Love you all.


Hello parents!

How is it going over New Hampshire? What’s new? Have you taken a walk together lately in the woods? Or have you driven up into the mountains… or walked on a frozen lake. Have you made any snow angels? You have to keep it real! I miss doing these things in New Hampshire.

I think I already told you this.. but Elder Green and I are teaching a family that we street contacted the day before Christmas. Yesterday we taught them the Plan of Salvation with sister Taylor. You know Sis. Taylor, she’s the one who has been sending you the emails and pictures, and such… Sis Taylor is awesome. She is so willing to do missionary work.

By the way… about a week ago I talked this lady into making a “thingy drink” because she wanted dessert but hadn’t been able to make any – plus she had a plethora of bananas… so I made a “thingy drink” for her and I added peanut butter. She loved it and even wrote down the receipt.

We also got a chance yesterday to teach a new investigator the Restoration of the Gospel before Church started. He is a referral we got from the MTC call center and he is ready to hear the Gospel message. President Lough (who is the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency here, and also lives in our ward) taught the lesson with us….. and because he has keys, we got to teach in the vacant Bishop’s office. Chris then came to all three sessions/hours of Church!

Then last night we got to sit in on a temple preparation class because a family named Perez is going to take/receive their endowments and be sealed. Elder Green has been working closely with them/ brought them back into activity. Bro and Sis Perez are awesome!

The rest of the week went pretty well. We’re still teaching a bunch. We went tracting for the Elect on Saturday – found four potentials.

Everything is going really well, all said and done. We have a lot going on in the area. Elder L. Tom Perry is coming to speak with us on the 19th!

Elder Green and I will hit a year on our missions on this Thursday. Wow!


A letter to Mom from a ward member.

Hi,I had to write and let you know about our Testimony meeting yesterday. Almost everyone who bore their testimonies were less actives that the Elders have been working with. One after another kept coming up to the pulpit. One family had not been to church together in forever! The father in another family was ordained to the office of elder after church. I kept elbowing my husband and saying, "There's another family." Now we, as a ward, have to work hard to fellowship and hold on to these families, so their hard work doesn't go to waste. I told the Elders that I would write their Moms and let you know you should be proud!
Yesterday I went with them as they taught an investigator family who lives up the street from me. They were walking by a house one day and saw a woman shoveling her sidewalk with a little child's plastic shovel (that was the only shovel she had). The Elders took over and finished it for her and she said they could come back when her husband was home. They taught the second discussion yesterday and did a great job. The husband was interested. The wife wasn't saying much, but she was friendly, so they're going back again next week. The spirit was there and I know the family felt it, they just didn't know what they were feeling.
Here are a few more pictures Elder Makechnie wanted me to send to you. My kids just got some nerf guns. Now when the Elders come, there's always a pre-dinner war. My kids try to ambush them when they come through the door. Last time Elder Makechnie snuck around to the back door and surprised them as Elder Green knocked on the front door. In one of the pictures the Elders are trying out a new way of giving out Book of Mormons. There also another "smoking" picture that Elder Makechnie wanted me to send.
Have a good day,Dawn


Ian's letter to Mom.

HI MOM...we have a new e-mail account apparently...I don't know if it shows up any different but...the church connected with the people from Gmail and made our new missionary accounts.Hows the rain going? This week we set another kid (age 12) for baptism his dad isn't really active...but he came to church for the first time in a long time yesterday. We've still teaching a lot.Elder Green and I figured out that if we're together one more transfer that we will have been together for 2 valintines days in a row...and we will be together in the mission home getting ready to go home next valintines day in 2011 HAHAHAHAHAHA. missionsite.net/elderloganpgreen that site has some pictures from Christmas on it.


Ian's letter to Mom.

Good Day MOTHER!!!!I got your package...THOSE PINE NEEDLES SMELL AWESOME!!! I SLEEP WITH THE BAG! Thanks for the cookies aswell.We went to the temple this week on thursday... I was able to pick up some new spiritual info...My companion Elder Green and I are getting along really well...we're teaching A LOT! He's the new District Leader too.
I'm going to use the wallmart money to buy a digital recorder. then maybe I'l be able to send recordings home. Buck's on an all grain diet HAHAHAHAHAa thats classicI love you and I hope all is well!


Ian's letter to Mom.

As Nephi says, life passes as a dream! Yeah I liked talking to everyone on the
phone but its kinda difficult for me to talk to everyone and show emotion at the
same time...I guess I'm weird...B and I were talking after you guys hung about
how its hard to express what I've been doing in a short phone call...he was
telling me how he understands that as a missionary you're in a completely
different mind set...and you really can't describe to someone what how you're
mission is going because it is beyond words (by the way Lori e-mailed me and
told me that her experience at the temple was beyond words...I digress) we were
just talking about it in church yesterday...you don't know what its like to be a
professional football player untill you are one...you really don't know what
it's like being a full time missionary untill you do it...you really don't know
if doctrine is true untill you act upon it....and once you do its hard to
describe it to somone...its like trying to describe what salt tastes like to
someone who has never tasted salt...."it tastes......salty?" I have awesome
brothers...did you know that haha? anyways...things are going well...since I've been here we've found 4 new investigators...and we've been teaching a lot...Elder Green and I get along
really well....we're about to go to the temple on thursdayby the way your mother and father mailed me for christmas...really nice hearing from her! There is an Elder in the zone right next to ours who is from Nashua (Elder Logan Yarmo)..Mission President was thinking about putting us together...but didn't...maybe next time.

It was great hearing your voice mom...and tell dad to grow his beard
back!!!....when I come back I'm going to.