Monday, March 8, 2010


Ian's letter to Mom.

As Nephi says, life passes as a dream! Yeah I liked talking to everyone on the
phone but its kinda difficult for me to talk to everyone and show emotion at the
same time...I guess I'm weird...B and I were talking after you guys hung about
how its hard to express what I've been doing in a short phone call...he was
telling me how he understands that as a missionary you're in a completely
different mind set...and you really can't describe to someone what how you're
mission is going because it is beyond words (by the way Lori e-mailed me and
told me that her experience at the temple was beyond words...I digress) we were
just talking about it in church don't know what its like to be a
professional football player untill you are really don't know what
it's like being a full time missionary untill you do really don't know
if doctrine is true untill you act upon it....and once you do its hard to
describe it to somone...its like trying to describe what salt tastes like to
someone who has never tasted salt...."it tastes......salty?" I have awesome
brothers...did you know that haha? anyways...things are going well...since I've been here we've found 4 new investigators...and we've been teaching a lot...Elder Green and I get along
really well....we're about to go to the temple on thursdayby the way your mother and father mailed me for christmas...really nice hearing from her! There is an Elder in the zone right next to ours who is from Nashua (Elder Logan Yarmo)..Mission President was thinking about putting us together...but didn't...maybe next time.

It was great hearing your voice mom...and tell dad to grow his beard
back!!!....when I come back I'm going to.

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