Monday, March 8, 2010


Mother and Father!

So it’s official… Elder Green and I will be together for three Valentines Days in a row. (MTC, now and when we are released at the MTC) We’re both staying for at least one more transfer, which means we’ll hit our one-year mark of our entering the MTC together. I cannot believe it’s already 2010. Ahhhhhhhh!

The Zone Leaders scared the stink out of us! They played such a prank on us. We’re pretty tight with them, so I guess we had it coming. They called Elder Green up on Saturday night to tell him transfer info (because Elder Green is the District Leader,) and they told him that he was going up to Cheyenne with an Elder that he has already served with, and they didn’t get along very well. He almost barfed. And then they told me that Elder (xxx) was going to be my companion. They lead us on for about two minutes, too. Then they finally told us that we would both be STAYING!

Oh, Elder Green just had a birthday (20) and he got a BUNCH of stuff, including a new digital camera, so he gave me his old one! I finally have a camera. You’ll be getting some pictures on email.

All right, story time. So back in Aurora, in my second transfer, while I was with Elder Taylor, we were visiting a part member family and they had a visitor. She was way funny…. and she was a less active from another ward that I didn’t know. When we left I told Elder Taylor, “Man…. that lady was awesome!” Then I went up to Fort Collins two transfers later. I was there for three months. Now I am in the Woodglen Ward in the North Denver zone. Anyways, to make a long story short… that amazing lady is in this ward, and we are helping her to come back! I called her yesterday and we figured out that we had met before.

Brother Vigil just asked me if I would ordain him to the Aaronic Priesthood.

We got two new investigators on Saturday that we had met street contacting a month ago. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel and set an appointment for next Sunday.

Things are going very well with this area. The members like us a bunch. They LOVE elder Green.

(Yeah, and I love Elder Robinson. He’s my favorite AP EVER!)

Okay, so I put down my notebook for a bit to play some basketball, and Elder Robinson wrote the above, Ha! Ha! He actually IS a really good AP.

So Noah Gambosa (he was 10 years old, like me, when he was baptized) got baptized on Friday, and we set Eli for baptism the 27th. He’s another kid who is 12. His dad is coming back to activity. We’ve taught him the first two lessons.

Thank you for your email today. I shared with a bunch of Elders the fact that the church’s building in Haiti are still standing but the cathedrals collapsed.

Love you all.