Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elder Makechnie Passes it On

A letter to the Amy, Gregor, Cope, Nelson, Brynne, and Paige Makechnie household.

Hello Makechnie Family!

It was great to hear your voices on Christmas day!  Thank you for talking with me!  I'm glad to have support from home!

So, I left Fort Collins late December and i just found out yesterday that one of the investigators that I connected with there got baptized and received the priesthood today (Sunday, 24, 2010).  I LOVE THAT!

Also today we set a 12 year old named Ely for baptism on the 27th February.  We have a baptism coming up on Friday for Noah Gamboa who is 10.  (Low hanging fruit).

So, anyways!  I'm with my MTC companion Elder Green...we could possibly hit our year mark together...that would be awesome.

Gregor...I haven't got a chance...but I just want to thank you for setting such a good example for me while I was growing up!  Thank you for baptizing me!  A lot of people don't get the chance to be baptized by a family member...let alone a brother.  So thank you for baptizing me and being there for me growing up.

So, how are the kids?  HI KIDS!  Are they being good in school and taking full advantage of living in NH?  I miss all the kids (it stinks not seeing you guys!)  How are things at home?  How are mom and dad?  I hear dad is tearin' it up at church!

Oh yes...silly me...AMY how are you?  What are you up to?  Thank you guys so much for setting an example in your marriage!

I hope all is well!

Love, Elder Makechnie.

Then, Elder Ian had a little note for Nelson, along with a spare missionary tag.  "Please give this to Nelson.  Tell him I'm proud of him...and that one day he'll wear one of these.  Future Elder Makechnie."

It just so happened that Nelson was giving a talk at church.  He wore the name tag and spoke about the special note from his uncle serving a mission.  The kids thought it was pretty neat.

"Wah-ah-ah-ah"  Nelson's maniacal laugh.  That might scare investigators.

Practicing the eye-brow raise.  That might scare them too.

Ah- but this look.  That's the one that will win 'em over!

Thank you Ian.  It was a special letter for us and a special surprise for Nelson.  Someday I hope he wears this tag just like you said:  the Future Elder Makechnie.

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