Monday, March 8, 2010


Hello parents!

How is it going over New Hampshire? What’s new? Have you taken a walk together lately in the woods? Or have you driven up into the mountains… or walked on a frozen lake. Have you made any snow angels? You have to keep it real! I miss doing these things in New Hampshire.

I think I already told you this.. but Elder Green and I are teaching a family that we street contacted the day before Christmas. Yesterday we taught them the Plan of Salvation with sister Taylor. You know Sis. Taylor, she’s the one who has been sending you the emails and pictures, and such… Sis Taylor is awesome. She is so willing to do missionary work.

By the way… about a week ago I talked this lady into making a “thingy drink” because she wanted dessert but hadn’t been able to make any – plus she had a plethora of bananas… so I made a “thingy drink” for her and I added peanut butter. She loved it and even wrote down the receipt.

We also got a chance yesterday to teach a new investigator the Restoration of the Gospel before Church started. He is a referral we got from the MTC call center and he is ready to hear the Gospel message. President Lough (who is the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency here, and also lives in our ward) taught the lesson with us….. and because he has keys, we got to teach in the vacant Bishop’s office. Chris then came to all three sessions/hours of Church!

Then last night we got to sit in on a temple preparation class because a family named Perez is going to take/receive their endowments and be sealed. Elder Green has been working closely with them/ brought them back into activity. Bro and Sis Perez are awesome!

The rest of the week went pretty well. We’re still teaching a bunch. We went tracting for the Elect on Saturday – found four potentials.

Everything is going really well, all said and done. We have a lot going on in the area. Elder L. Tom Perry is coming to speak with us on the 19th!

Elder Green and I will hit a year on our missions on this Thursday. Wow!

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