Monday, March 8, 2010


Mama and Papa!

How are you doing? I miss you.

I took care of my toe problem. We went to Salud Hospital and there was a doctor who is a member and he took real good care of me (I didn’t have to pay anything.) They had to draw blood though, and you know how much I don’t like that! There’s just something about seeing your own blood in a vial. Ahhhhh. I’m lucky I have good veins though, they never have to stick me twice.

Do you have a lot of snow? Dad, are you still doing your back exercises? Mom, is there still progress being made with the DVD situation? Are you still going to the temple on a regular basis?

Oh, Mom, thanks for that story you told me about the guy from Haiti in the temple… I’ve been telling it to a lot of people. This week went really well, we have four new investigators who are solid. We have one that we received as a referral from SLC Headquarters. He’s taken two lessons now, and come to Church once. He heard the Plan of Salvation lesson and said, “This is it.” He is also talking about either getting married or breaking up with the lady that he is living with because he wants to get baptized.

We have another investigator named Chris. We contacted him in his driveway and gave him A Book of Mormon. He told us to come back in a week. (And I actually could believe him when he said that. With some people they don’t really want you to come back, but he did, I felt.) So we went back this past Thursday and taught him the Restoration and it went REALLY WELL. He was very attentive, even though he had a baby in his arms, and he agreed with everything that we said, and answered questions very well. He said that when he found out that the message was true, he would be baptized. We’re gonna give him a Church tour and teach him the Plan of Salvation on Thursday. Oh…. And we had to give him another BOM because his girlfriend took the other one to read at work on lunch break! Ha! Ha!

Then we have a couple, the Peltiers. We street contacted them on Christmas Eve. We found out why we couldn’t get in for awhile. Then we taught them the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yesterday, It went really well. They were attentive as usual. After the lesson he told us once more that they like having us in their home because whenever we’re there, they feel comfort and they like the things we teach about. He told us that whenever he finds a church that he likes it is always good, but that he feels a void in them. He also said that he used to have mixed feelings about the “Mormon” church, but now, “I feel bad for not letting missionaries in before because now I know what you are all about. Now I know what you teach!” He went on to say that two weeks before we started teaching him he was praying to find a new church, so I guess that’s why we couldn’t get in before, he was not ready, but now he is. They are great people. Sister Taylor has been to two of their lessons so far. Sis Taylor reminds me a lot of Amy.

I just cut my own hair this morning. I must say it doesn’t look bad. I cut Elder Green’s hair, too, but that was easy because it is all one length. We saved about 10 bucks apiece, though.

Speaking of saving money, we went to the thrift store and I got nice new pants for a dollar and then I got a pair of Ecco shoes that look brand new for $4.00. Eccos are shoes that usually cost about $100.

Things are going really well in the Woodglen Ward! We love our members! Elder green and I just hit a year on Thursday, wow! And Elder L. Tom Perry will be here this Friday.

I, Ian, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father and mother; and following the example of my brothers, am serving a mission for the Lord!

That was terrible grammar, but I thought it was cool!
Elder Ian George Makechnie

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