Monday, June 29, 2009


We were able to go to the Temple on Saturday. That was refreshing! This week was full of missionary experiences. We we able to go tracting with two members (at different times)...We were invited into 1 house with each of the members we went with. It's awesome to get member support.
Yesterdays Sacrament meetnig was very cool. There was a woman who was speaking on forgiveness. I'm currently reading about the story in Genisis when Joseph was sold into Egypt. She used this story in her talk. She also included a few things that I had been thinking about. I know that we all need to work on forgiveness. It's amazing much the atonement effects our lives. It can and should be applied to every aspect of our lives.
There are so many people here... members and non-members that I've grown to really appreciate! I hope I never forget them.
I love you! have fun with Mom and Dad!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hows it going?How's Kim...How's Tate?How's the summer in Texas?
On your mission did you always feel like you were doing well with helping others and with your own personal progress?
Lots of lessons learned and still in the prosses of learning in these last few weeks...I'm trying to stay positive and think of companion is going through a rough time...I don't know if I've been helping him...I don't know if I'm capable of helping him.

These of from past weeks...I don't know if you got them?
Our top progressing investigator came to church this week. She is soooo ready to be baptized! They just need to get married and she needs to come to church 2 more times. She already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She knows the Church is true. She even said that she was "Mormon" in her class in college. We spoke about baptizm and the Eternal Marriage on Monday...and on Thursday we spoke about the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Something REALLY cool happened on Saturday night. On our weekly planning list we wrote down that we would talk to a part member family about Eternal Marriage and Family A Proclaimation to the World. Then we completely forgot about that when we taught them. What we were teaching them was still pretty cool. We were talking about enduring to the end and Eternal Life, and sharing scriptures. Then the husband brought up Eternal Marriage and why it was important. Elder Taylor just happend to have a copy of the Proclaimation to the World as well that we gave them. Things just worked out! I can tell that this husband really wants to go to the Temple with his wife!
This week was pretty fun. Sometimes challenging...but fun!
p.s. there was a Tornado yesterday! F1 we missed it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


How's home?
The mission is training for life.I've heard it said that the way you serve your mission will almost mirror theway you'll live you're life.Right now I think I need to do better... Better in helping those around me...andbeing prepared to do so... Better in the way that I need to progress personallyas well. I realize that the mission is giving me experience that will help me tobe a better husband and father in the future. It is giving me the tools neededto incease the quality and caleber of my charactor. The kind of relationshipthat my wife and I will have...and the kind of atmosphere that we will raise ourchildren in is being effected my this mission.
This week was interesting. We found out Monday night that our investigator whois ready for baptism doesn't want to be married for another year. She says thatin about a year is when everything is going to cool down agenda wise...and thatthats when all of her family will be availible to come. She is completely readyto be baptized! Soooo...we'll keep working with her because she really is makingprogress.We were able to have a fellowshipping activity on tuesday night.Wednesday we got to meet with a woman who isn't on the ward records but is stilla member. She was baptized in the Philipines...but when she came here she gotmarried to a Catholic man who basically told her she wouldn't be Mormon anymore. He's a nice man though. He opened his door for us and let us teach he andhis wife and young child a lesson on having faith in Jesus Christ.Thursday we went on exchanges. I was companions for the day with Elder Nonu fromSamoa. We tracted into a Catholic woman who at first told us that she wasn't inthe mood for sails or religeon. Then we told her that we were willing to do anytype of service project for her. She didn't believe us at first...but then whenshe realized that we were not kidding she oppened up to us. She didn't give us ajob to do but she talked with us for about 30 minutes. She accepted 3 pamphletsand a Book of Mormon. She shared a lot with us and we did the same. By the endwe were all smiling.The weekend was a mixture of teaching lessons, giving service, and givingadvice.
We're now half way through this transfer. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?I've made a goal to read through the Bible cover to cover. I've been reading achapter or two almost every day from the Book of Mormon and Genisis right now.
I love you!