Monday, June 29, 2009


We were able to go to the Temple on Saturday. That was refreshing! This week was full of missionary experiences. We we able to go tracting with two members (at different times)...We were invited into 1 house with each of the members we went with. It's awesome to get member support.
Yesterdays Sacrament meetnig was very cool. There was a woman who was speaking on forgiveness. I'm currently reading about the story in Genisis when Joseph was sold into Egypt. She used this story in her talk. She also included a few things that I had been thinking about. I know that we all need to work on forgiveness. It's amazing much the atonement effects our lives. It can and should be applied to every aspect of our lives.
There are so many people here... members and non-members that I've grown to really appreciate! I hope I never forget them.
I love you! have fun with Mom and Dad!

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