Monday, March 8, 2010


A letter to Mom from a ward member.

Hi,I had to write and let you know about our Testimony meeting yesterday. Almost everyone who bore their testimonies were less actives that the Elders have been working with. One after another kept coming up to the pulpit. One family had not been to church together in forever! The father in another family was ordained to the office of elder after church. I kept elbowing my husband and saying, "There's another family." Now we, as a ward, have to work hard to fellowship and hold on to these families, so their hard work doesn't go to waste. I told the Elders that I would write their Moms and let you know you should be proud!
Yesterday I went with them as they taught an investigator family who lives up the street from me. They were walking by a house one day and saw a woman shoveling her sidewalk with a little child's plastic shovel (that was the only shovel she had). The Elders took over and finished it for her and she said they could come back when her husband was home. They taught the second discussion yesterday and did a great job. The husband was interested. The wife wasn't saying much, but she was friendly, so they're going back again next week. The spirit was there and I know the family felt it, they just didn't know what they were feeling.
Here are a few more pictures Elder Makechnie wanted me to send to you. My kids just got some nerf guns. Now when the Elders come, there's always a pre-dinner war. My kids try to ambush them when they come through the door. Last time Elder Makechnie snuck around to the back door and surprised them as Elder Green knocked on the front door. In one of the pictures the Elders are trying out a new way of giving out Book of Mormons. There also another "smoking" picture that Elder Makechnie wanted me to send.
Have a good day,Dawn

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