Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally some MEAT. 05/04/2009

I'm so bad I know!!!You're right though it's so hard to write on P-days.okay.So I've been in Aurora for 3 weeks now in the Buckley Ward. We have a really good ward with a melting pot of people. Some are converts of many years some have been in the Church their whole lives and some are very recent converts. We have a lot of Military related people here and if its not that they're either in Medical or Dental...(lots of Dental) So people are always coming and going into the Ward apparently. They're all really good people.We need to help the ward contact their friends about the church "Every Member a Missionary"...I think this is true in every ward really!...Conference for me had a very big emphisis on -showing faith in the future - dealing with hardships/economy-and DOING Missionary work in your every day life. Like B was telling me you don't have to set time apart during your day and say "at I this time during the day I'll be a missionary"...thats not the case at just need to pray to have missionary a experience and then be open to them! Tell people why the church makes you happy! Or do me a favor and set an example for people and prove to them how we're not weird (this was my sentence for venting).We have two people who are very close to being ready to be set for Baptism...I guess I'm not supposed to share names?Tracting is fun. Whenever I get a door slamed in my face I usually laugh. I look at it as a faith exercise.The most effective way to get through to people is to give them some kind of service. Shoveling has been really good. (by the way it snows here mostly in March and April)...Refferals are very effective. Don't be affraid to give them!The work is slow but steady. My companion and I have a lot of fun! Elder Taylor and I get along very well. He's from South Cali. He's really laid back but he likes to get work done. Our District is pretty's nice to have Elders you fit in with. OOOOH. By the way, my comp. and I drive a dodge mini-van BAHAHAHA.I have pateller tendanitus however you spell that. My knee was acting up before the mission. I got it looked at in the MTC. The Doc. told me not to run or jump or do anything active and that it could take 2 months to heal. Then mission president asked me if I could ride bike and I told him I'd try. That was a bad idea. I didn't really believe the Doctor at first...and I figured that just like everything else this would heal hasn't. Apparently it can take 6 months to heal.Ummm...The food pretty good and the members feed us well..Sice I can't really run or do any exercises I can't work it off. I think I'm at 200 even. Our members that we stay with are very nice and very young. Sam just turned 25 and Jen is 24. They have a 6 month old kid named Camron.I'm glad to hear that your going to be fine and healthy! I'm glad to know thay you can still do your internship.Thanks for catching me up with Sports. It's refreshing.Since this is being posted.Thank you for your prayers.Thank you for your support...I know that I wanted to come on a mission...but It's comforting to know that I have loving family back home who support me! I love you
p.s. Don't Pray For Patience! hahaha I learned the hard way!

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