Saturday, April 11, 2009

Letter From The Landlord

April 3, 2009
Dear Brother and Sister Makechnie,

   We are very fond of Elder Makechnie. Thank you for sending him on a mission. He is doing good work. He and Elder Cazier are living in our downstairs. 
   Last week I was allowed to drive two sets of Elders to the Temple to witness the sealing of a family some of the Elders had worked with in the past. It is always a bit odd to see , all dressed in white, the same people you see in their grubby clothes, washing floors and weeding gardens! Sitting in the Celestial room on the sofa with a slightly pensive Elder Makechnie, we shared some comfortable quiet time watching the other patrons.
   Sunday, Elder Makechnie bore his tesimony. It was mostly about what a great family he has, and how incredibly happy, satisfied, fulfilled .... he was to be sealed to his most wonderful family. 
   One of the Sisters thought he might be homesick. No, he has just gotten to one of those moments when Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost give you one of those "tender mercies" and you KNOW his love for you by giving you special, unique and wonderfully crazy family, and you know you are blessed to be part of the family jumble.
   We have several families in the Ward who show their love by food. Elder Makechnie may come home a rounder missionary, but that's only because he's loved here, too. But so far, so good because those snow storms we've finally been getting give lots of opportunity for snow shoveling, and I very much appreciate the work Elder Makechnie has done.
   For me, personally, I enjoy his head popping in at the kitchen door at night when they come back. "How was your day?" I ask, and his "Whoop!"
   Time is going quickly - another week or so and he will be off on another assignment. Well, you can be proud of him, his testimony, his willingness to serve, and the good, honest solid spirit and personality he brings with him.
Renate Serr

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