Saturday, March 21, 2009


AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... yeah.. Glenn and Kim are parents!!!
Tate's a big little man huh!
I already love him!
What does it feel like being a mommy Kim? and a daddy Glenn?

The MTC was great. The food was not. My companion and my distict were great and I really learned a lot. I think it would be reaaaally hard for someone to go there and not gain a stronger testimony. (we got to see M. Russul's a really powerful feeling to be in the same room as an Apostle of the Lord..I hope I spelled his name right)

The MTC flew by and now I'm finishing up the 2nd week in the mission field. My Companion/trainers name is Elder Cazier. He lived in Vermont for a few years at some point and still claims to be a New Englander...he's also an avid Red Sox fan. He's taught me a lot so far...mostly that I shoudln't second guess myself or be too hard on myself. He has an answer for almost all my questions. He's way chill.
Another thing I had to get through my stupid little Ian brain is that we're not going to be able to convert everyone...infact we'll be rejected at least 75% of the time. Our job isn't to convert it's to invite and then help them learn and grow. I knew before this that I coudn't teach a single soul if the Spirit wasn't present...but the rejection factor I had to get used to.
I'm trying not to be such a "me monster" start thinking for other people and studying so that I might be able to teach others...I know that I like people and I like being around them and relating to them, but I need to work on loving them right from the get go...I want them to feel comfortable around me and I know that I really care.
We'll thats about all the time I have. Thank you for the advise. It's motivational.
Keep me posted on Tate...I'm dying to here more about the little guy.
I love you!

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